December 2019.

Corona (the beer) reached out with the ambition to make a branded entertainment series about people who left urban, stagnant, indoor lives to follow their passions and live an untethered existence outside. 

February 2020.

Corona (the virus) happened. Suddenly an ambitious project to begin with (a show about people who had had enough of being indoors) was now being made by a global brand with the same name as the global pandemic, forcing us to shoot completely remotely, across a dozen time zones, monitoring, editing and finishing from cramped NYC bedrooms.

2 months later, a little more daunting. And even more poignant.

But we did it.
8 episodes.
Over 120 individual films including trailers, featurettes, and long forms. 

(We’re huge in Brazil.)

This project was my baby—one understaffed baby.
At times, I played casting director, producer, writer, creative director, story editor, interviewer, director, and location scout. 
We vetted over 600 people from all over the world to land on our 8. 
I’ve never wanted to quit my job so badly. But for all the right reasons.

With Perry Morton, Pedro Sampaio, Ivan Rivera, Camilo Ruano
CD Thiago Cruz
Full Credits here