Worked on a pineapple farm in Costa Rica. Got water poisoning.

Got former, and now disgraced, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to wish my mom a happy birthday.

Was in the Spielberg movie, Lincoln. I played a writer.

Once gave a speech to my entire 5th grade class for elementary school graduation and claimed my nickname was "Chili."
No one ever called me that.

I took a summer off from my job in politics to teach a home brewing class, make deck furniture, and carve pipes out of sticks I found.

Own a coming soon, in the midst of being renovated,
Alps-in-the-60s-themed BNB in upstate New York with my wife Erynn Mattera.


Pereira O'Dell. New York Senior Copywriter. 2017-pres
Stella Artois, Corona Extra, Michelob ULTRA, MINI, Jet.com, realtor.com, Timberland, European Wax Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Fox Sports, American Museum of Natural History. New biz pro.

Grey. New York Freelance Copywriter. 2016-2017
NFL, Febreze

EnergyBBDO. Chicago Copywriter. 2014-2016.
Bud Light, Orbit, 5 Gum, Lay’s, Bayer Aspirin, Aleve, Raid, OFF!, Windex, King’s Hawaiian, Quaker, Pearle Vision, Flintstones, One-A-Day, Dr. Scholls

Political Stuff. Richmond 2008-2013.
ACLU Lobbyist
Chief of Staff/Speechwriter/Campaign Advisor for a VA State Delegate

Silver Effie – Pearle Vision One Show Young Ones - Save the Arts — finalist
4As – Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) participant
Perfect Attendance - Clover Hill High School - Junior year

Chicago Portfolio School
Virginia Commonwealth University
Political Science. Italian.

And finally, here’s what I looked like in high school.

On a side note, you may have seen an inappropriate image when Googling my name.
It is not me. Not mine. It’s an Italian boy by the same name’s awful penis,
and I’m trying to make him take it down. Because it’s honestly awful.

If you know who is in charge of safe-search at Google, I’d love an intro.